DvorecThe Guesthouse Čater is located in an old mansion in the town of Marija Gradec, which is located only a good kilometer from Laško.

We offer a culinary expand of various local dishes, daily lunches, as well as fish courses, pizzas and even fried snails. Among our deserts, the delicious Potica with Pregreta Smetana (Rolled Cake with a type of Baked Cream) is known all around as quite a rare specialty. And of course, we also cater to all types of vegetarians.
The tree separate restaurant rooms offer around a 100 seats, and in the summer, we set up a terrace that also includes a pavilion bar.
An extensive garden with a lawn is perfect for families with kids, it offers some playground equipment and a mini basketball court.
The guesthouse has its own extended parking space, suitable for busses as well.

The guesthouse also offers six cozy rooms to rent. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, TV, phone and free internet access.